October 5, 2015

Hello everyone who’s reading our (hybreed) blogs out there !


Yes, it’s been quite a while since hybreed members have penned down their thoughts into a piece of blog to let you keen readers have a little sneak peak into our work system and our thought system !

This week, I’ve decided to shed some light on a topic we all know impeccably. Yet we have different theories to apply and understand. So without any further adieu, I would love to begin … Hope you enjoy reading through


Each one of us live life with a purpose, for a purpose! 


If we’re into a business, every business will have its ultimate (sometimes vocal and sometimes ulterior in a good sense) motive. And to achieve this motive, we go through a process… a series of experiences that helps us grow and shape us in a way designed to reach that ultimate motive. So what exactly these experiences do to us ? Why do we grow ? How does our business expand from just being a startup to a midsize to a big company?

It’s simple! It’s because of gaining knowledge. Now I could have said because of learning from the past experiences. But I chose to use the word ‘knowledge’ instead.

I think that learning and knowledge are to be understood not in the Oxford sense but in a little deeper, more in the meaningful sense. Precisely, learning and knowledge are a two-wheeled hypothesis. And it’s interesting to understand both!

Learning is what I think is experiencing and viewing and remembering facts of any process. For example, I learnt how to tie the knot using a particular method.

But knowledge is what goes straight into the brain sealed with a thought that I know what I have learnt and I will be able to tactfully use it when necessary. Knowledge is what one chooses to imbibe from the learning process in order to use it professionally. So indeed, knowledge is self driven! This concept has an upper hand in growing larger and being successful!

Having said that, knowledge is gained only when you learn something . Without showing any signs of interest in learning, knowledge is incomplete or not gained at all.

Funny though, a proverb “Half knowledge is dangerous” is apt if not backed by some serious thinking, some study and learning! These little but paramount ingredients is what makes one’s knowledge quintessential.

Yes of course I’m talking everything from a business point of view. Because I think Hybreed as a startup has learnt over the business years only to know how to acquire knowledge from our learning experiences which has decently helped us shape into who we are and what we’re gonna do in the future!

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Ending only to get back soon,